Serbian Society for Ceramic Materials
Activities of the Serbian Society for Ceramic Materials are the following:
- providing scientific and professional contributions to the research in the field of ceramic materials; 
- advocating for a more efficient transmission and applying scientific results in practice efforts for improving conditions of work and research in this area;
- promoting importance of ceramic materials;
- promoting development in the field of ceramic materials.

For the realization of the defined goals the Society:

- gathers and processes scientific and professional material in the area of ceramic materials and other related scientific disciplines; 
- contributes to the improvement and monitoring of and develop the scientific-research work in the area of ceramic materials; 
- further propagates the science of ceramic materials with emphasis on underlining importance and role of these materials for developing modern society; 
- exchanges scientific knowledge and information; 
- encourages scientific communication between scientists on national and international level; 
- establishes and develops co-operation with the economic societies and scientific institutions; 
- provides, or proposes professional and scientific arguments for the program of technological and scientific development in Serbia, which are related to the area of ceramic materials; 
- proposes measures and regulations, which are protecting the environment and provide preserving natural balance; 
- participates in the organization and co-ordinate joint action of scientific and professional employees in the fields ceramic materials; 
- establishes and improves co-operation with the national and international organizations, associations and associations applications in the area of ceramic materials; organizes scientific meetings, congresses and symposiums of national and international importance in the area ceramic materials; 
- establishes and maintains other scientific and professional rallies, Summer School, professional courses, public hearings and other events of scientific and professional character for its members on the non-profit basis; 
- publishes brochures and other publications in connection with the determined goals.

Beside the mentioned activities, and for the purpose of goals, the Society organizes:
- gathering of its members to mutual professional information, training and permanent education in this area; 
- initiation and maintenance of the Society presentation on Internet, as well as popularizing the Internet use and funds for education and communication; 
- help of its members in a professional and scientific development; 
- exchange of professional and scientific literature and scientific information with other scientific and professional societies in the country and abroad; 
- initiation and support of professional initiatives in accordance with the goals of the society, giving professional ranking, performing and realization of studies and projects in the area of ceramic materials; 
- co-operation with universities, institutes, associations and other organizations in the country and abroad, dealing with ceramic materials; 
- organizes the Students Speech Contest every two years, and the winner takes part in the competition on European level during ECerS Conference.

     The Eleventh Conference for Young Scientists in Ceramics, SM-2015 will be organized by the Department of Materials Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad (October 21-24, 2015).
     This conference has a long tradition (since 1998) and was formerly known as "Students' Meeting". Due to its continuous improvement of the quality, in 2013. the Students' Meeting has grown up to become the Conference for Young Scientists in Ceramics.
     Conference for Young Scientists in Ceramics is organizing every two years at the Faculty of Technology, University of  Novi Sad. The main goals of this traditional meeting are the promotion of the work by young researchers and closer international contacts between students from different universities and institutes, through exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience in the field of ceramics.
     Processing and Application of Ceramics is an international open access journal publishing short communications, full-length research papers and reviews related to science and technology of ceramics.
     The Journal publishes experimental and theoretical research on the processing, structural characterization, functional characterization and applications of ceramics.      Papers may cover any of the branches of ceramic materials in the field of advanced ceramics, ceramic composites, traditional ceramics and culture heritage. Processing and Application of Ceramics will also publish important initial results of ongoing research which should be referred to in more extensive papers being submitted elsewhere at a later date.