Serbian Society for Ceramic Materials
Belgrade, Serbia 
14th – 16th June 2017 


1. Ceramic Powders, Characterization and Processing (chemical routes, hydrothermal synthesis, non-conventional routes, dispersion and processing aids, wet processing, spray-drying, net shape forming and porous products).  
2. High temperature Phenomena, Sintering, Microstructure Design and Mechanical Properties (high temperature reaction, phase diagram, densification and grain growth, tailoring microstructure to properties, hard coating, tribological behaviour, damage under static and dynamic loads).  
3. Electro and Magnetic Ceramics (fundamental and processing of magnetic and electrical ceramics, ceramics for energy conversion and storage, multiferroic and dielectric materials and their application, microwave ceramics, varistors, ionic conductor, resistors).  
4. Ceramic Composites, Membranes and Multimaterials (ceramic matrix composites, fibers, nanocomposites and polymer transformation, laminates, bioceramics and medical applications, photocatalysis technologies and materials, ceramics enabling environmental protection: clean air and water).  
5. Traditional Ceramics (raw materials and engineering, domestic and building ceramics, refractories, cements, glass, emission control, recycling, ceramic heritage).  
6. Computing in Materials Science (modern materials modeling: quantum chemical methods, density functional theory, semi-empirical and classical approaches, statistical mechanics, atomic-scale simulations, mesoscale modeling, phase-field techniques, and finite element methods).  


  •  The official language of the Conference is English 

  •  Plenary lectures 
  •  Invited lectures 
  •  Oral presentations (oral presentations should be brought on a flash drive)
  •  Poster presentations (Conference posters should be ~ 80 by 100 cm long, portrait orientation)

20th February 2017 – deadline for Abstracts submission  
14th June 2017 – deadline for Full Paper submission 

Forms, Abstracts and Full Papers should be sent to: 
Dr. Dušan Bučevac, 
Registration fee 
Advance Fee (before March 31st, 2017) 
Students 150 €, Senior 250 € 
Late/ On-Site Fee 
Students 200 €, Senior 300 € 
Payment instructions 
Primary bank information: 
Bank Name: Sberbank Srbija a.d. 
Bank Address: Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 165g, 11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia 
Swift Code: SABRRSBG 
Bank Account Number: 285-2011209890661-38 
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): RS35285201120989066138 
Beneficiary’s name: Drustvo za Keramicke Materijale Srbije 
Beneficiary’s address: Mike Petrovica Alasa 12-14, 11001 Belgrade, Serbia 
NOTE: Usage of the field 70 is mandatory 
Intermediary bank information: 
Bank Name: Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt Germany 
Routing number/Swift Code: DEUTDEFF 

Book of abstracts will be published before the Conference. 
The papers will be published after regular peer review in International journal “Processing and Application of Ceramics”.