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October, 2014: First Call for the 3rd International Conference organized by Serbian Society for Ceramic Materials (June 15-17, 2015, Belgrade, Serbia).
The conference will be organized jointly by the largest institutes in Serbia (Institute for Nuclear Sciences Vinca, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, Institute for Physics, Faculty for Technology-Novi Sad, and Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts).
Wide range of topics from science and industry.
July, 2014: Revised Statute of Serbian Society for Ceramic Materials
October, 2014: Comprehensive review of the application of bioactive ceramics for bone repair and regeneration. The review systematically summarizes the types and characters of bioactive ceramics, the fabrication methods for nanostructure and hierarchically porous structure, typical toughness methods for ceramic scaffold and corresponding mechanisms such as fiber toughness, whisker toughness and particle toughness. Read more
August, 2014: Revealed role of yttrium oxide in stabilization of nano zirconia polycristal (Y-T ZP). Application in dental medicine, as the chipping and delamination of the veneering ceramic was recognized as the most frequent reason for failures of zirconia based restorations. Read more 
July, 2014: Rewie article about growing potential of using rare earth doped ceramic nanophosphors (RED-CNPs), especially surface modified RED-CNPs with polyethylene glycol (PEG) for near-infrared (NIR)-excited bioimaging. Read more
October, 2014: While silver’s antibactericidal properties has been known since the times of ancient Ancient, advancements in nanotechnology have improved the efficiency. Read more
September, 2014: The application of ultrafiltration (UF) has been accepted  
as a highly efficient process for treating oil-in-water emulsions. Since 1970s, there is the question what material is better and more durable in industrial applications: ceramic membranes or polymeric membranes. Read more

September, 2014: Yet another application of titane dioxide. The porous ceramic filter media (PCFM) was applied to reduce the release of P in lake sediment and we wondered if the nano-TiO2 coating could enhance the P adsorption by PCFM alone in lake sediments.Particularly important issue as the P is recognized as one of the most notable contributors to eutrofication of water environment. Read more
August, 2014: How the nano-TiO2 coatings can make hydrophylic modification of ceramic membrane. Application in separation of oil-water emulsion. Read more
September, 2014: The world would be significantly different without the Li-ion batteries. Novel promising techmology could bring us Li/S batteries. The main advantage could be the higher cpecific and volumetric energy density in comparision with Li-ion. Difference is about 4x more in specific energy density and about 50% for volumetric density. The challenge is to oowercome the low active material utilization. Read more 
September, 2014: The advances in development of all-solid-state sodium-ion ceramic batteries (NIBs) that are advantageous in both cost and safety. Read more